This was our last stop in Firenze, a church on the other side of il Fiume Arno that overlooks the entire city.  It is perhaps the most beautiful spot for viewing the city that I was in, in my opinion, especially helped by the fact that it was sunset and gave a dusky glow to the city.  We attended mass there and waited around to hear some Gregorian chants.  They were . . . interesting, not what I expected but it was still nice to experience.

And that was the end of the trip with my darling sister.  What a journey it was – we had our ups and downs but it was so much fun.  Certainly a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  And now I feel much closer with her, and I have experienced parts of Italia that I hadn’t before.  Going back and doing this makes me want to travel with her again instead of doing school!  [Also, I wish I could say I’m caught up with this post, but I’m not . . . definitely this coming week though because I have to be.  I have a trip to Sicilia coming up in two weeks, and I don’t have a class this week so I have the time.]  (taken 11.1.2015)