All of the main attractions are at la Piazza dei Miracoli to the north (?) of the city.  These include: il Battistero, il Composanto, il Duomo, e la Torre pendente.  So we spent some time hanging out there, taking the typical tourist pictures of leaning against la torre and holding it up with our fingers.  We went into il duomo for a few minutes, and we wanted to climb la torre but it would cost us 18 Euros just for la torre!  18!  So we didn’t go up the tower (which didn’t lean as much as I though but I guess it’s all about perspective).  It was a nice, quick day trip.  To be honest though, I wouldn’t recommend going to Pisa.  Oh, and that day marked the third week that I was traveling over break – that’s a long time.  (taken 9.1.2015)