In one of our final tourist stops, we went to il duomo, which was rather beautiful inside.  It’s kind of ridiculous in Italy – that you have to pay to go into public works like a church.  They tried to make us pay even though the sign said it was free to go inside, luckily Hillary told them no.  But still – there are so many other churches that you have to pay to get into, which makes absolutely no sense to me.  The Church has money – countless artifacts in museums and within churches – they shouldn’t be making people pay to go inside.  Churches were built for the people, and they should stay for the people – making everyone pay is not ‘for the people.’   But the stained glass was nice.

Afterwards we went to this really cool bar that was complete classic.  There was classic music, a classic setting, and a classic bar tender.  We actually stayed there for a few hours, and the hot chocolate was some of the best that I have ever had in Italy.  It wasn’t too thick or soupy or chocolatey, and it came with the right amount of whipped cream.  (taken 7.1.2015)