We headed into the city on our last full day in Napoli.  We didn’t plan well because the 6th of January is a big holiday here, l’Epifania, so we had a bit of difficulty with the public transportation (we were staying outside the city).  But we eventually made it in – and guess who was standing near the bus station?  Giuseppe Garibaldi!  What an amazing fellow that man is!  (And if you don’t remember who he is, because I’m pretty sure I explained him before, look him up.)  Anyways, our main goal was to go to this world famous pizzeria that Hillary had heard about.  So we got there, got in line, and waited for about 1.5 hours outside.  It was alright, not the best pizza I’ve ever had, like it said it was, but it was decent.  We got to sit next to Zac Efron-wannabe which was a little awkward.  (taken 6.1.2015)