You might be thinking, why on Earth did you go back to Pomepi when you already went and didn’t have the greatest time of your life?  Well, Hillary wanted to go so I thought that I would tag along (also, we were on two whole vacation weeks together so there were bound to be a few repeats).  But this time, it was so much better – let me tell you now, if you ever want to visit Pompei, visit in early January (or another off-season time) because nobody was there.  It was empty!  We only saw around three tour groups, everyone else were individual visitors, and this meant 1) no standing in line for tickets (and even if it says student discounts, and I, well my parents, pay more for college than EU students, don’t be mistaken – discount is for EU students only even if you have a valid Italian university identity card), 2) no waiting to go into buildings (that we couldn’t find but I’ll get to that), 3) nobody blocking your beautiful photo, and 4) no searing heat (although it was pretty cold even with the sun – just make sure you bring some warm clothes).  So yes, going back to Pompei was definitely worth it, especially since we got to see things I hadn’t seen before.  And just look at Vesuvio waiting to blow again.  Isn’t he so magnificent?  (taken 5.1.2015)