I didn’t get to see this the first time – they had a huge covered area near the forum that held all sorts of ceramic containers, and some of the body casts.  A little bit creepy, especially the dog body cast, but the ceramics were cool to look at.  (taken 5.1.2015)


Just a random doorway with lovely grass and sun.  (taken 5.1.2015)


A lovely gated off area.  In fact, let’s talk about that: closed sections in Pompei which aren’t marked on the tourist map and completely throw you off your A game when you’re trying to find a building and running out of time (we had to get to Ercolano before it closed).  Pompei is lovely – beyond lovely in the off-season – the fact that you get cut off at every turn isn’t too great.  And the map doesn’t tell you anything!  It makes finding places a lot harder, and you miss out on some cool places.  (taken 5.1.2015)


A spot of flowers.  (taken 5.1.2015)


Gaze upon that beauty of an empty street!  Gaze upon the shadow that rolls on uninterrupted and the sunlight that hits all the right spots!  Gaze upon that unobstructed blue sky with fluffy white clouds!  Gaze upon the beauty of no tourists!  (Ironic since I was one, but I’m really against feeling like a tourist – I hate feeling like a tourist).  (taken 5.1.2015)


Another look at Teatro Grande, with a complete, unobstructed view.  (taken 5.1.2015)


Part of the Pompei ruins that seem to be just that – ruins, completely, as in back-before-it-was-built-ruins.  Thought it seemed kind of cool with the darkening clouds overhead and the desolate wasteland of despair!  Mwhahahahaha!  (Sorry, Arte di Rinascimento is getting to me.)  (taken 5.1.2015)


We passed by an area of active excavation (of course, they weren’t excavating even though it wasn’t a Monday – but, the good news, they started to fix la università di Ferrara from the earthquake two-three years ago!).   Um, so this is what excavation looks like – I personally think it looks pretty cool.   I think this was where some kitchens were, but I’m not quite sure.  (taken 5.1.2015)


Another vast area of Pompei that is unlike the desolate wasteland above – this part has clearly never been excavated, and, if you recall, most of Pompei isn’t.  Makes me wonder if they’re farming on this land?  (taken 5.1.2015)


A little picture of a cool tree being an awesome tree and peeking out over the edge of the ruins.  (taken 5.1.2015)


This is a picture from la Villa dei Misteri.  This is the place we were racing to at the end when we were running out of time (we literally ran, okay fast-walked, all the way from the Antiteatro on one side of Pompei to the other side where this villa is located.  It’s not as easy as it sounds – we had a perfect path planned out that would hit places we wanted to see.  Guess what?  The map lied!  Either the route was closed or there was no route to begin with at the edge of the ruins – let’s just say, we really got our exercise in Pompei.  But the frescoes were beautiful.  (taken 5.1.2015)

Oh, also another heads up if you ever want to go to Pompei – might think about taking a guide.  Hillary and I had two maps, which was very little help.  It was very confusing to navigate the area, even with the maps, because the road signs were rather unclear/not labeled on the map and certain areas were closed off.  Guides know how to get around!  We couldn’t even find the main baths.  (taken 5.1.2015)