So, before we get into pictures of the ruins, these these lovely vista pictures from the villa.  The top one shows a picture of the town of Tivoli, high up in the mountain (where we accidentally got off the bus the first time).  And I keenly observed that the mountains out in Tivoli look like the mountains from Spaghetti Westerns.  And everyone knows (or should know) that Spaghetti Westerns were partially filmed in Italy, hence the name.  Thus, I looked it up, and some where filmed in the mountains near Tivoli – perhaps even these exact ones I have pictures of!  That’s so exciting!  I love Spaghetti Westerns!  And I was so close to their filming spots!  How utterly wonderful!

A little background on the villa, which my sister wanted to see.  It was built by Emperor Hadrian, a Roman emperor, as a summer retreat, and it is very grand.  Unfortunately, a lot of it has fallen in disrepair and the archeologists have much more to excavate.  I may have mentioned this in my Pompei and Ercolano posts, but if not, and if so, I’ll mention it again.  The Italian government really doesn’t put much stock into cultural preservation (which makes no sense because they could earn so much more money from all of these archeological and historical areas) so there is very little money going towards all of the archeological excavations.  That is partially the reason why so many of these places have a lot more to them than what is seen/excavated, and that is why those parts may never be excavated.  Very sad.  But Hillary was super excited about the villa, with over 300 acres of ruins and olive trees – even though it was more in ruins than we both thought it would be.  (taken 2.1.2015)