After my parents and brother left, Hillary and I were left on our own – it was a glorious moment (after I got over the fact that I won’t see the others for another four months, but life must go on!  Sorry – I’m just really excited because I just got an internship for the summer).  We weren’t due in Tivoli (our first stop) until the following day, so we hung around Roma for Capodanno.  We revisited some of the sights that we had seen with our family but others were ones we hadn’t seen – like that pigeon just chilling on the ruins and the statue of Marco Aurelio (which I just read was a duplicate!  The actual one is in a museum.)  But it was rather fun.  We saw an Indian (Native American) on the streets playing the flute – it was interesting to think that many of the people around probably hadn’t heard music like that before.

And then came the trial – our sleep site.  Hillary booked it, and it was rather quaint, but we were sharing with another person.  The following morning, she initiated a conversation with us, all in Italian, and I will never again tell a stranger that my major is Religious Studies.  She was a very nice lady, she just talked for two hours about religion in Italian after she heard my major – there’s only so much I could understand.  And we really had to go to catch our bus to Tivoli.  It was an experience let me tell you.  (taken 1.1.2015)