Our last stop was Firenze – and let me just say, we never thought we would make it.  As we began our journey to Firenze, we headed through the hills of Toscana where it began to snow, very unexpectedly.  It wasn’t too bad until we hit the very top of the hills, where there was no salt on the road or any snowplow to be seen for that matter.  And then, the windshield wipers.  Dad was using them, but they were automatic and would adjust to who-knows-what, so one second they went really fast, and the next really slow.  What drove me insane was the scrapping sound they made on the window.  But thankfully, Dad figured out how to do them manually.  But, we ran into another problem.  We thought we were running out of windshield fluid – I was stuck trying to come up with ways of how to ask for more at a service station.  I came up with la bevanda per la finestra davanti nella macchina – the drink for the window in front in the car (pretty much literal translation there) – I wasn’t sure of the word liquid so I wanted to play it safe.  Interesting choice – luckily it was only frozen, as we found out descending back into the valleys.

But when we finally made it to city, we ran into navigational issues (okay, I’ll admit, that was my fault).  We got caught up in one-way streets and couldn’t find out way out of them!  Finally, I discovered a route to take, which no one believed me on, which turned out to be right – and it came with free parking the entire day.  I consider that a win.  We ended up at Piazzale Michelangelo, above the city, which gives a beautiful overlook, and took a bus down the hill into the city.  (31.12.2014)