The outside of La Galleria di Uffizi – pretty nice.  The line was a little long, even though we were in a tour group, and I accidentally set off the metal detectors because of spare change.  (taken 31.12.2014)


So outside the gallery, there are these sculptures of famous Italians – I decided to take pictures of my favorites/ones that I’ve heard about.  Of course, there is Dante – wonderful Dante!  And I’m pretty sure everyone reading this knows about him, so I will spare you the details (I can talk about them later on when I show a picture of his house).  (taken 31.12.2014)


And then we have Amerigo Vespucci, of whom the Americas are named after!  [Literally the only fact I know about him.]  (taken 31.12.2014)


Who should next come along but Machiavelli!  (taken 31.12.2014)


And not to leave this important man out (which I almost did), Galileo!  [Which my sister and I didn’t end up going to his museum because it was very expensive – it would’ve been cool though.]  (taken 31.12.2014)


La Nascita di Venere di Botticelli!  For me, not as exciting as it looks.  (taken 31.12.2014)


This room was the first room that acted as a museum (the gallery used to be a home of the Medici family).  It is extremely finely decorated, and the curators have tried to keep it in it’s original state with the original works of art.  (taken 31.12.2014)


An interesting, random design on the ceiling.  (taken 31.12.2014)


A picture of Ponte Vecchio from the gallery.  (taken 31.12.2014)

So, as you can see, we visited La Galleria di Uffizi, which was nice.  Art really isn’t my thing – there were just so many paintings, and I was really tired at that point.

And then, the next morning, on Capodanno, Mom, Dad, and Rick left, leaving me behind with Hillary to travel for two crazy weeks.  It was wonderful having them here, and I’m so happy they were able to come.  Without them, I never would have seen my relatives nor have toured il Vaticano.  And it was rather interesting seeing their reactions to some of the things over here since a lot of it has become normalized for me.  Like paying for public bathrooms (Mom was outraged) or the wonderful food.  It was a fantastic start of winter break with them and a wonderful way to end the year.