While in Padova, we also visited la Chiesa di San Antonio – this was especially interesting because St. Anthony is buried there, and you can touch his tomb and pray.  People were circling around his tomb, and there were pictures of lost people pinned up onto boards.  It was also interesting because there were many relics from both St. Anthony and other saints (but I think the Church needs to take up a new hobby – some of that stuff is just *shudders*).  As for the purple stuff, it was rather nice looking, and I like the color purple so I thought it would be a good picture – nice thoughts away from relics.

We also visited Venezia that day (which I don’t have pictures of because there were many pictures last time).  It was unfortunate because we missed our tour time – always remember to bring a map of Venezia with you when you visit, otherwise you get completely lost (I mean you still do with a map, it’s just less obvious).  We learned that the hard way.  It was like a modern-day treasure hunt, which we lost.  But it was still super fun!  (taken 30.12.2014)