This was an unplanned stop, at the seaside but we needed a place to stay for the night.  It was clearly a seasonal town, because a lot of hotels were closed but we managed to find one (thanks to my awesome, cool Italian skills).  And then the following morning, I walked along the seaside with my dad.  Though it was quite cold, it was absolutely wonderful with many shells to collect and a beautiful sunrise on the horizon.  One of the top sunrises I’ve seen in Italia so far.

Another funny story, when we were trying to leave the town.  So, we were staying on the seaside but the road was a one-way road going south.  We couldn’t figure out how to get across because of all these one-way streets but the GPS!  We took the GPS instructions, which lead us to a tunnel underneath the railroad tracks (that ran parallel to the main one-way road) but the tunnel was barely big enough for a Smartcar.  Really!?  Like we could fit through there.  We ended up taking the next tunnel, which we barely fit through – in fact, our antenna scrapped the top of the tunnel.  Very interesting experience.  (taken 27.12.2014)