Right, well, I’m not sure about the city name, but it’s the capital of San Marino, one the of smallest countries in the world that is stuck right in the central-east of Italia.  My dad was especially excited about this visit because he wanted to get another stamp in his passport (which you have to pay for, and which we didn’t end up getting because we were so cold, and we couldn’t find the place to get the stamp).  But it’s a very beautiful country – just like Italia, haha.  Yet I have to say, for all of my family, going in winter is not a great idea.  In fact, erase that idea from your mind because you will freeze.  Maybe we just went on a really windy day but I have never been colder in my life, and that is saying something because I’m typically cold.

We headed into the basilica, which is perhaps my most favorite chiesa that I have seen so far.  It was extremely minimalistic and very light colored inside (white and light shades of blue-green).  Oh, I should mention that at a certain point you have to get out of the car and walk because it is a no-car zone, which is rather nice.  And the higher up we walked, the more scenic overview we saw – we could see all the way to il mare Adriatico and there were mountains all around, some with snow on the peaks.  (taken 27.12.2014)