Look at the beauty . . . the meraviglioso – a true work of art!  This is a dessert made purely of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.  It was wonderful and beautiful.  But the best part was not the dessert, it was the pizza I had for dinner that night – bufala pizza.  I don’t know if I’ve written about bufala but, if not and even if so, it is mozzarella cheese but not just any!  It is mozzarella cheese made from water buffalo milk (hence the name).  And it is like heaven.  And my pizza was covered in it.  Oh bufala!  What wonders you bring!  (Coincidentally, mozzarella cheese is really the only cheese I like.)

Anyways, we stayed at the only hotel in Arcevia, a nice hotel on top of a mountain – it was very windy and rainy the next morning.  But that’s the next post.  The ospiti were all very nice to us, giving us instructions on how to get to the house and explaining a little about Arcevia to us.  And the caffè was wonderful in the morning as well.  (taken 25.12.2014)