This is the view from the morning looking down on the town of Arcevia.  Isn’t it so pretty?  It was completely silent, beyond the sound of rain, and breathtaking – we were finally looking at the land I am partly from.

So funny story time, because this is the best place to put it.  We had just gotten in the car, and there were two road options.  Now the first looked like it was only one way so we decided to take the second (and the GPS was telling us to take it).  It was a rather steep incline so we went really slowly and hit the end where we could go right or left.  The GPS said left.  My dad looked left, said, <<Is that really the right direction?>>  Of course, that’s what the GPS says is my smart reply.  So he turns left, going down this one way street that has parked cars on one side, we get close to the end and find out . . . it’s a dead-end.  So, he has to back up, very slowly and very carefully since he’s about two or three inches from the stone wall on his left and the cars on his right.  The right is a dead-end too.  The only way to get out is the way we came.  So, he slowly backs up some more and starts to turn into the street he came from – a very sharp turn.  The car stalls.  Twice.  (Because he tried twice.)  So I have to get out and direct him.  We finally made it, making our way up that slippery slope and onto the main road.  Moral of the story: never completely trust foreign GPS’s – I had it in Italian – because they might not be fully updated.  (taken 26.12.2014)