Our great-grandfather’s family house.

When we arrived, after driving down a long driveway with two little olive orchards on either side, our first cousin(?) (Nonno’s nephew) came out with his wife and greeted us with hugs and kisses.  There are no words to adequately describe the feelings that come with being reunited with family like this – family you know is alive but have never seen before.  We met so many people – the children, the grandchildren, and family friends – we met one of the fidanzati of one of my cousin’s (who was extremely kind – they all were).  And we ate, so. much. food.

I’m not joking.  We ate pounds of food.  And my family didn’t believe when I told them all I do is eat here, and I’m always full.  Well, they learned the hard way.  Mwwwhahahahaha.  We had homemade pasta, lasagna, three types of meat, bread, vegetables, dessert, and delicious homemade wine – best wine that I have ever tasted.  You could taste the earth.  And my mom said we’d only stay an hour.  We stayed the entire day.  And it was wonderful.  (I acted as a translator with my cousin – completely exhausting work.)  (taken 26.12.2014)