Finally!!!!!!  The best part of the entire trip!  You’re probably wondering, where is Arcevia and why is it so important?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Arcevia is a small paesino in the province of Ancona, on the central-eastern side of Italia, and is where my great-grandfather was born (and, coincidentally – not really, we still have family that live there).  So we were on a quest to find our long-lost family (not really a searching quest because we already knew their address, and they were expecting us)!  And find them, we did!

We left Roma Christmas afternoon for this paesino – we left kinda late so got caught in the dark.  But thanks to my amazing navigational skills(!) we made it to Arcevia (beyond some left and the right mix-ups).  And this is the sign as we entered the amazing, wonderful place my great-grandfather was born in, lived in, and fought for.  [Also, to correctly pronounce the name of this place, Mom, say the ce as che in English.]  (taken 25.12.2014)