Next, we went into the rooms of Raffaello, where we got to see his famous painting of La scuola di Atene.  It was a supreme work of art that shows amazing perspective.  The last picture shows that he painted himself in the picture (he’s the one with the red shirt and black hat looking out of the painting).

And, though I don’t have pictures because we weren’t allowed to take them, we went into la Cappella Sistina.  It was . . . impressive.  It was interesting because Michelangelo was given complete free reign on the chapel because the pope at the time literally had to drag him back to Roma to paint the walls/ceiling.  Michelangelo added his own quirks, like the mooning God and the Jewish version of mankinds creation (which is also the original).  But the room was crowded with people – it would have broken every fire code in the States – and the Italian guards were shouting <<Silenzio>> even though that was just adding to the noise.  (taken 24.12.2014)