Coolest part of the entire museum – the Gallery of Maps.  There were so many maps of the ancient provinces – they dated back to the 1500’s.  The first map (photo two) is of the ancient province of Ancona, where my great-grandfather comes from, a small paesino called Arcevia, which I’ll get to in a few posts.  The last two maps are of Ferrara.  As you can see, that’s a very old map of the city (photo four).  I actually toured il castello in Ferrara this past weekend, and they had a photocopy of the map.  It was there that I learned that star-shaped fort on the map, which is no longer around, was built when Ferrara fell under the political power of il Vaticano.  When Italy was united, the fort was destroyed because the people wanted to get rid of the hold of il Vaticano.  (taken 24.12.2014)