And we reach il Vaticano!  Notice, there is no Italia in the title of this post.  Why?  Because il Vaticano is it’s own separate country!  In fact, it’s the smallest country in the world!  Isn’t that awesome?  That’s why there’s no Italia even though it can be found within the country and within Roma.  So just that little tidbit before talking a little about our adventure into il Vaticano.

So we had a tour for il Vaticano in the morning of the 24th.  We didn’t know how far away the meeting point for the tour was so we had to rush to get over there so as not to miss it (please keep this incident in mind because we missed one of our other tours).  So here we are, running down the streets of Roma (well, not running, more like really fast-walking), past il Vaticano (because, of course, it’s on the other side of the church), trying to read the street signs of the side of the buildings (which is really difficult sometimes) while trying to make sure we’re on the right route according to the map (which we just mapped out about 10 minutes earlier).  Besides all of that, there are so many people, mostly immigrants, trying to sell us tickets and selfie-sticks:  <<Selfie? . . . You have to have tickets to get into the Vatican>>.  If I never see another selfie-stick in my life, I will be a very happy person.  And our parents are lagging behind.  Yup, that’s the scene as we are trying to get to our tour site.  But thankfully we found our site.  And it was so good that we booked tickets ahead of time because the line was really, really long.

I think the pictures are rather self-explanatory.  (taken 23.12.2014 – 24.12.2014)