What’s extremely interesting to me, and hopefully you, whomever you may be, is that il Vaticano stands on the site of an Egyptian temple.  This acorn-looking-thing (maybe it’s a pineapple?  Not really sure) and the two birds beside it are remains from the temple – in fact, I think the dome is as well.  But I had no idea about this fact.  Quite astounding to think that the monotheistic Catholic patriarchy stands on a polytheistic temple!  (taken 24.12.2014)


This is just another of the remains left behind from the temple – you can see the Egyptian hieroglyphs on the lion.  (taken 24.12.2014)


So this big ball of metal(?) was standing in the middle of the courtyard, and it moved!  Unfortunately, it was meant to have it’s own mechanism that moved it but it couldn’t be put in because whatever is underneath, fragile rooms I think, would be damaged.  So tour guides and other authority figures (i.e. not me) can go up and turn it for visitors.  Great work of modern interactive art there.  (taken 24.12.2014)


Because who doesn’t love a random picture of a seagull?  (taken 24.12.2014)


A picture of Roma from one of the museum windows with a stylish plant modeling off.  (taken 24.12.2014)


So there were a lot of statues . . . too many . . . I just took this photograph because it’s a horse.  Funny story, while I was getting ready to take a picture of it, my mom came up and said <<Megan, why are you taking a picture of that?  You’re never going to remember what it is/symbolizes>>.  Haha . . . I don’t remember at all.  You were right Mom but I like to think it’s just the principle.  (taken 24.12.2014)


A beautiful fresco on the ceiling (like every other room).  (taken 24.12.2014)


An interesting ceiling . . . (taken 24.12.2014)


Um, an interesting room?  I actually think this giant bowl in the middle, which our guide told us what it was for, is meant for washing your hands or something of the like (but not to use it as a bath).  That sounds right.  (taken 24.12.2014)


All of the floors had very intricate designs on them –  I love marble floors that have designs (not quite like this one, but this one is beautiful as well).  (taken 24.12.2014)


And a foot – because I liked it.  It’s different?  (taken 24.12.2014)