On the request of my mother (and her question of why I was doing nothing when I could update this blog) and my realization that the semester has started (and with that, my first program trip on Saturday), I have come back with pictures and tales of my wonderful winter vacation which I spent with my lovely family who graciously came over to Italy.  So, first stop was Roma, of course.  Fun little tidbit, so I had booked for my train seat in October for a frecciarossa, the fast trains in Italy – but not a bullet train, and when I went, I couldn’t find my seat!  It was one of the new-fangled trains that I was on, so I got to sit in first-class!  Not that it was much different – the train noises were actually louder.  And then I started to wonder, which part of the train is safest in a crash, the front, middle, or back?  I’m not quite sure still – Dad, could you answer that for me?

And I came into Roma, which my first impression was, they have really bad sidewalks.  Which they did, and it was really hard to roll my luggage on it.  Which was a bummer.  And really difficult in the cold and dark because I just wanted a bed to sleep in.  But here are my random pictures in the city.  (Notice the different format for this post – I felt it better to move this little explanation up first in some of my vacation pictures because I’ll get into explaining the individual pictures one-by-one.)


The river that runs through Roma is called il Tevere (the Tiber) and is rather polluted.  It separates la Città del Vaticano from gli scavi romani, and we walked over it a few times.  It’s not too exciting.  (taken 23.12.2014)


Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to il Castello di Sant’Angelo which was close to il Vaticano but it was an interesting thing to see from the street.  Perhaps if I go back, I’ll visit it.  (taken 23.12.2014)


Another shot of il castello, this time at night.  We held a little photo shoot on the bridge.  (taken 23.12.2014)


For those who know me well, I’m a very big fan – well, fan’s the wrong word for this, maybe interested person but that doesn’t have the right ring to it, anyways – I’m a big fan of la guerra seconda mondiale in Italia (WWII in Italy).  I’m utterly fascinated by it, and Mussolini for that matter, so I’m a big fan of going to the places I’ve learned about in my Italian classes about WWII.  And this is one of the places that I’ve seen, and just stumbled upon it.  For those who cannot read Italian, the sign is mentioning that on 16 October 1943, Roman Jews were interned in this specific building for holding before they were sent to the concentration camps.  Fascinating, since Roman Jews the first that were officially rounded up by the Nazis.  (taken 24.12.2015)