So last weekend there was a holiday for Italians, L’Immacolata Concezione (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception), and, as such, we had the day off, making it a four-day weekend for us (we don’t have class on Fridays).  Two other students, a host sister, and I decided to travel to Salisburgo, Austria for the break.  We started our journey off with a double-decker bus to Villach, Austria, just over the border, and then with a train ride through Austria.  So this post commences my tale of my time in Austria, with a little bit of Germania.

To get to Salisburgo, we headed through le Dolomiti, the Dolomite mountains in the north, and the view was fantastic!  They are a very different kind of mountain compared to the Appalachian and Rocky mountains, in my opinion.  There was a river running through the valleys with crystal clear snow-melt/mountain water – I have never seen water that beautiful before.  It trickled through huge, white riverbeds, and I could only imagine it come spring when all the snow melts, and the water rushes down.  And the higher we went up through the mountains, the more snow there was, on top of the houses, glistening on the peaks of the mountains, coating the pine trees, and, in some cases, hidden by dense clouds.  We went through tunnels and would emerge through into a valley before going back into another tunnel and emerging once more – and small towns lay within the valleys on the bank of the river, completely snow-locked in the winter.  I’d never seen something like that before – it was truly a magical place.  (taken 5.12.2014)