On Sunday, Carolyn and I headed into Germania to go on a salt mine tour.  So, after buying a day pass for both the bus there and the city bus in Salisburgo (my first time buying a day pass for a bus, and my second/third time on bus public transportation!), we took a journey to the edges of Germania.  We went to the end of the line, because we weren’t quite sure where to get off, and then we got back on the same bus, after getting instructions.  So a little side note about the bus – we weren’t quite sure where it would pick us up at the train station in Salisburgo.  We had asked the man at the information desk but we weren’t exactly which letter bus stop he had said – we were pretty much running through the alphabet in order to guess the letter.  Thankfully, we ran into a family of Asian tourists who were having the same problem as us – the father went up to another bus and asked where we should wait.  He got an answer – it was bus stop G.  But then later, when we got back on the bus in Berchtesgaden, we confused this group of Asian tourists and another – I’m pretty sure they were following us because we seemed like we knew what we were doing.  Well, I think we might have gotten them lost – I hope not but we left them back in Berchtesgaden while we went on to our correct stop.  (taken 7.12.2014)