We made it to la miniera di sale with about an hour before the tour opened.  Let me say, no one knows the concept of personal space or ‘first come, first serve.’  Everyone was crowding up on us and moving to be the first ones in line, but Carolyn and I made it second to the place, and, thankfully, we bought tickets second.  We were strong and did not bend to the Austrians/Germans.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed allowed to take any pictures in la miniera di sale, hence why there are none here.

But, it was so cool.  We got to wear these one-piece protective suits, and we straddled a bench thing to ride into the mine.  It was another fact of no personal space – we were literally groin to butt – a little uncomfortable with strangers but what are you gonna do?  It was the only way into the mine.  Surprisingly, we were the only ones who needed an English audio tour (there was a family of Italians who needed an Italian audio tour) – the actual tour was in German.  Our audio was a little strange, sometimes it repeated and sometimes it would stagnate for several minutes.  But we got all the information thankfully.  So during the tour, we went down two slides (which was so amazing and fantastic and scary) and traveled across a mirror lake (it was a salt mine that was flooded with water that reflected the ceiling of the mine).  It was so cool and amazing – I’m definitely so glad that I got the chance to go on the tour.

Afterwards, we headed to the salt mine restaurant where I ordered the food shown above, a delicious baguette and an apple strudel (which we ate in a hurry because we had to make the bus but they were so yummy).  (taken 7.12.2014)