Overlooking the entire city is an ancient fortress – to get there, you have to hike up a huge mountain (the same one with the monastery) with very steep slopes and steps.  It was hard work but so worth it.  Once we got up to the fortress, we paid an admission (which, we didn’t know before, was discounted because it’s Advent season – in fact, several places were like that), and headed inside to explore the castle.  Unfortunately, several parts were blocked off from us, but we still saw plenty else.  We headed up a narrow staircase and emerged into the main grounds, I guess a piazza, of the castle where, surprisingly, there was a Christmas festival going on – our first of many.  It was so cute.  Carolyn and I both bought a Christmas ornament.  But that was after we explored the fortress.  There were several museums for different periods of time, such as the medieval time, where we saw rooms fit for a prince, and the history of it’s place in WWI (they didn’t really show anything about WWII which made us wonder if that was because Austria was an ally of Germania and under German occupation and didn’t really have to defend that much).  But it was all very interesting and so cool.  It actually reminded me a little of Alcatraz, which I visited last January, because of the hugeness and the atmosphere.  (taken 6.12.2014)