So part of the reason we went to Salisburgo was because it is the sight of The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews, and one of the American girls who went (the one who proposed the city) is a huge fan of the film and wanted to go to as many sites of the film as possible.  This monastery was one such place – apparently it is used as the convent for Andrews in the film.  We headed inside, which was incredibly dark (like all of the churches/monasteries that we saw) and there was a closed gate separating the congregation from the back of the church.  It was nice, from what I could tell, and there was a section cut off from everyone that, when you paid a few euros, lights would pop on and showcase original frescoes on the wall.  The last picture is taken from the monastery, which was on the middle of a mountain in the city, and showcases just one of the many vistas of the city that we saw.  (taken 6.12.2014)