Right, so you might be wondering what I eat for lunch on a typical day.   I typically head down to a small bakery close to the house (they know me and sometimes throw in an extra piece of bread) and get una ricciola con il prosciutto and una tenerina (or another such pastry dessert).  There’s no words that can completely capture how amazing both of them.  Il ricciola is not like a croissant, no matter what it looks like – it’s a little more buttery and wonderful.  And la tenerina is not a brownie, no matter what it looks like either.  It’s less fudge-like than a brownie, and just so much better (by the way, that leaf is edible – it’s just pure sugar).  Of course, I alternate between desserts (which will, eventually, show up on this blog) because I need to experience a wide breadth of the sweets offered here 🙂  (taken 13.10.2014; 10.10.2014)