We roamed around the city for the whole day and saw many more churches and monuments than what I have posted up here.  Napoli is split up into sections: the lower-class, middle-class, and upper-class, and we walked around all of them.  The streets, as you can see in photo 1, can be quite narrow.  In fact, when we went on the street known for selling nativity scenes, the street was so narrow and so packed with people.  I was so scared I was going to lose our guide because I’m not used to cities or crowded streets like that.  But the city is so unique and amazing, even though there is a very big graffiti problem (even the churches had graffiti on them!).  At one point, when we went off to roam by ourselves, a friend and I stopped in the road and listened to some traditional African drummers.  You can definitely tell that Napoli is a city filled with immigrants, much different than Ferrara.  When we came into Napoli, some Muslims were holding Islamic prayer in a piazza outside – it was a little strange only because they were in the middle of the city outside a building, but it was so unique and something you probably wouldn’t see many other places.  While Napoli was extremely chaotic, it also had a certain charm to it.  Oh, we also had pizza – Neapolitan pizza, and let me just say, pizza has been ruined for the rest of my life.  When they say Neapolitan pizza is the best, they don’t lie.  I thought Italian pizza was better but Napoli takes it to a whole new level.  (taken 4.10.2014)