After we visited the depths of the city, we walked out towards the coast (and went up into a very cool, old castle).  As you can see, these photos come from the coast, with some looking out towards Vesuvio and beyond and others back towards Napoli.  For the record, I used a filter on the last two pictures with the sunset, but don’t let that detract – it was a gorgeous sunset over the city.  To be honest, I went into Napoli thinking that it was going to be awful, hating the city already.  In fact, my aunt had visited over the summer and from the pictures she took, I thought it looked like a slum.  However, there is a charm to Napoli that I have never experienced in another city or town.  The utter chaos, from crowds to crazy driving (which riding in a taxi was extremely scary), cannot be experienced in another place.  And while I hate chaos, it fit Napoli – Napoli wouldn’t be the same without it.  So for all of the downsides to Napoli, there is something extremely special about the city that no other can claim.  (taken 4.10.2014)