Can I say yummy sea food?  We headed to Sorrento for dinner (I don’t have any really good pictures, since it was nearing dusk).  Sorrento was so beautiful, especially the ride there, and it had a wonderful shopping district right near the cliffs.  But the best part of Sorrento was the dinner (la cena) that we had – originally we weren’t supposed to eat here, but those plans changed.  Riccardo, one of our awesome, fearless directors, put this dinner together.  A word about Riccardo – he pretty much knows every single person in Italy.  He can hook you up with a dinner or with a game in a second.  The way we describe it, there’s Italian cool, and then there’s Riccardo cool, which is above Italian cool.  The point is, he put this dinner together very quickly, and it was certainly something to remember.

We literally walked down the cliffs in the dark, crisscrossing them on a path that overlooked several docks (seen in the first picture – that’s the one we ate on).  About halfway down, we saw Riccardo standing there on the dock, and while some of our group yelled his name, he waved like a champion from below.  The path headed into the cliff, going into a kind-of cavern, and then finally back out towards the dock.  It was pretty cool.  And the food was amazing.  It was my first time having real seafood in Italy, and it did not disappoint.  There was octopus, shrimp, oysters, clams, calamari, fish, and so much more.  All coupled with a lovely view of the sea in front, and a look up the cliffs to Sorrento behind.  (taken 2.10.2014)