As everyone knows, Amalfi lies along the sea, specifically il Mar Tirreno.  So we headed out to the pier to take in the view of both the town and the sea.  It was a beautiful town, but, to be honest, I actually liked Sorrento more.  Everyone raves about the Amalfi Coast and Amalfi, but the town was a little too touristy for my liking (a problem since we went to a lot of tourist spots.  I just really hate feeling like a tourist, and I dislike other tourists for not being the most aware or sensitive people.  I was also pretty tired from traveling so that probably factored in a little as well).  But anyway, it was a gorgeous view, and some of the structures were very old.   As you can see in the last photo (also in the first in the top left corner), there was a very ancient church sitting on top of the mountain overlooking Amalfi, also something, not shown, that looked to be an old monastery or something.  I really wanted to hike up but we didn’t have enough time.  (taken 1.10.2014)