Yummy, yummy dessert!  We had this in Casertavecchia after our passeggiata and it was delicious.  Freshly cooked, it burned our mouths but was so light and fluffy.

A mention about food, specifically to this trip but also to every other day in Italy (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, if I have, I apologize for repetition but, in any case, repetition is needed).  The food. Is. Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic.  But the problem is, whenever we go eat with CIEE, we get un antipasto, un primo piatto, un secondo piatto e un dolce.  Which makes for a lot of food.  And this was for both lunch and dinner.  So we literally spent at least a quarter of our day eating because each meal took at 2.5 hours, sometimes even three.  One time we ate lunch and dinner within three hours of each other.  It was overwhelming, but even when I am at home, my host mother pushes me to eat more.  It’s just part of the Italian culture it seems that I am slowly getting used to.  But 2.5-3 hours is a long time for a meal, even when it is really good.  Anyways, I just thought I’d mention this because I literally got a little sick from food there – I think we all did.  And the importance of food needs to be reiterated again.  And possibly again later on this semester and next semester.  (taken 2.10.2014)