This is a lemon.

As you can probably tell.  (For those who don’t know, I love lemons and anything that has to do with them.)  They were humongous and beautiful and wonderful and everything I want in life.  But seriously, the lemons in the South were huge and tasted so good.  Also, the Italians create a drink called limoncello, particularly in Amalfi, which combines lemon with some sort of alcohol.  I didn’t have it in Amalfi, but they brought it to us in Sorrento as a kind-of after dinner drink.  Yeah, it’s not good – I had the tiniest sip because it’s something from the South, but I thought it was really bad.  It didn’t taste anything like lemons to me, which was very disappointing.  But the lemons were still amazing.  (taken 1.10.2014)