In Ravenna, we also visited the tomb of Dante!  An exciting moment to be sure, considering he is called the Father of the Italian language.  We were unable to actually go into the tomb because the city was preparing for an offering of oil by Florence, a yearly festival that occurs.  But it was still amazing to be there!  For those who don’t know, Dante was born in Florence however he was exiled while he was still writing La Divina Commedia, and he left for Ravenna where he finished writing the book and eventually died there in 1321.  Many years after he died, some Florentines decided to steal his bones and bring them back to Florence because Florence was jealous.  Unfortunately for them, the Franciscan monks at the attending monastery found out about the plan and stole the bones to keep them from the Florentines.  The bones were hidden within the monastery for over three hundred years before being placed back into the tomb.  And thus the tomb for Dante in Florence remains empty.  (taken 9.13.2014)