Heading into Comacchio, we saw canals and bridges traversing the town, thus giving the nickname “The Little Venice.”  I saw a gondolier, and a restaurant sitting on a boat in one of the canals!  In addition, we headed into the middle of the town where a small clock tower stands, and I found a nearby building (the old market place) that had a plaque dedicated to Garibaldi!  (For those who don’t know, Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian army commander asked by Abraham Lincoln to lead the Union Army.  He turned it down because he was fighting to unite Italy, which he eventually did by leading I Mille, the Thousand, up through the peninsula.  Suffice to say, I’m a big fan of him.)  Another cool thing about Comacchio, seen in the third photo, is that a lot of buildings had their own little bridges to enter.  (taken 9.13.2014)