On Saturday, CIEE took a day trip to nearby Comacchio and Ravenna.  While in Comacchio, we visited il Museo dei Fuochi, a museum dedicated to preserving the history of eel pickling in the area.  The outside of the old factory (and other buildings) were surrounded by a walkway of arches, over one hundred.  Inside the museum, two types of boats where showcased – the first was that used by people who had no legal right to catching eels.  The boat’s shape allowed them to sneak out silently onto the water to catch eels and allowed a fast escape from the authorities if needed.  The second was used by those who had a legal right to catching eels; eels would be placed inside and kept alive until they reached the factory.  Then, at the factory, they would be killed and pickled.  (taken 9.13.2014)